About TBHS Potestas

Objective: ‘Growing and protecting the interests, achievement and affinity of our boys and school community’

Timaru Boys’ High School is fortunate to be well supported by current and past families, Old Boys and other valued associates, dedicated to helping the school now and for the future.  They give generously of their time, knowledge, and resource to develop new opportunities for the boys, and to further the school’s broader interests.

‘Potestas’ (Strength) as taken from our motto, ‘Scientia Potestas Est’, is a platform onto which supporters can locate themselves to offer contributions, as suited to their personal preference. 

We identify five Focus Areas where we invite your support:

  • Exciting new curriculum opportunities
  • New spaces and learning environments
  • A successful step up to further study
  • Enriching arts and sport
  • An effective start in employment

If you wish to discuss Potestas and how you might contribute to one or more of the Focus Areas, please contact us on ph: 03 687 7560, email: tbhs@timaruboys.school.nz or facebook: www.facebook.com/timaruboyshigh.

If wanting to make a financial contribution to the enhancement of Timaru Boys’ High School, please refer to the information regarding Donations, Annual Gifting and Bequests.

All support received is greatly appreciated by the students, staff, parents, Board members and those in the Old Boys’ Association; whether it be time, knowledge, resource or all of these significant types of support.

We recognise each contribution as an important personal gesture on the part of the person who has kindly provided it; one essential to our ability to offer the best education we can, with flexibility and independence, for the young men we are privileged to bring through.

TBHS Potestas