The Rite Journey

The Rite Journey, a programme introduced to TBHS in 2010, targets Year 10 students, the age that most teachers recognise as 'the year of disengagement', by reinventing the traditional process of a Rite of Passage to assist in transforming the adolescent from dependency to responsibility.

The success of The Rite Journey lies in a number of factors:

  • It is part of the students' lives for an entire year. This encourages ongoing development of self-awareness and builds strong, honest and respectful relationships with peers, parents and teachers, over time.
  • The gender specific programs taught in same gender classrooms allows for role modelling, less distraction and freer discussion.
  • Strong and rich community connections and support are fostered between students and teacher guides, parents/caregivers and mentors, as well as between the school and parents/caregivers. The mentoring program provides another valuable adult role model in the young person's life.
  • Students are enabled to approach emerging adulthood with awareness, respect and 'step up' to their new-found responsibility.
  • The year long experience celebrates the transition from middle school to senior school and brings a positive cultural change within schools.