A Timaru Boys’ High School young man will be aspirational, respectful and a positive contributor to his community, with an inquiring and independent mind.

School Values and Expectations


POWER Values:


Our Responsibility

Willing Participant

Earning Respect

Right Attitude

A student’s progress, particularly his efforts in relation to the school’s POWER values, is supported and encouraged by our POWER score system. Every two weeks, subject teachers assign a rating from 1 to 5 to each student. The subject grades are averaged so each student gains a POWER SCORE. Boys who stray from the POWER values may face disciplinary action with an obligation to enter into restorative measures as required.  Firm but fair boundaries will be applied for all students.

P - Giving your best effort

O - Being prepared and on time with the right gear

W - Attempting all class and homework activities and completing to a high standard that befits your ability

E  - A high level of respectful behaviour

R - Encouraging and supporting others

Uniform and Personal Presentation

Timaru Boys’ High School maintains the tradition of a school uniform to enable boys to have a sense of pride and belonging.

The uniform makes the school identifiable in the community.

The uniform encourages a sense of pride in the school.

The uniform provides all students with functional, economic and appropriate clothing.

The uniform encourages students to participate to their full potential on school occasions.