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Student Blog

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Hercules - Aviation programme 

Hello, I am Hercules I’m from Hong Kong, I have been at Timaru Boys’ High School since Year 11. What I enjoy in school is the aviation course. Additionally, I like to communicate with kiwi kids, play basketball and swim. The main reason that I decided to go to Timaru Boys’ High School is because of flying and to improve my English techniques. I was so impressed that kiwi friends treat me so nicely. So I love to hang out with them. Playing sports in our school is the best choice to learn teamwork and friendship.

Flying is the most enjoyable thing to learn in my life. I go to the airport for flying every weekend. I started with the 10 week course first, this course made me realise how much I really liked flying.  I then started to prepare for my PPL (Private Pilots Licence) as soon as I finished my 10 week course. Since then I have flown with the instructor until I was ready to do my first solo on 14th August 2016. I could not believe that I was controlling a plane by myself at that moment, it was an amazing experience. However, aviation is still not an easy subject, there is a lot of flying knowledge that I need to memorise and there are 6 tests that I have to achieve to get this licence. Timaru Boys’ High School gives me many opportunities to open my future and helps me to achieve my goals. I am so glad that I am one of the Timaru Boys’ High School students.


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