Taha Māori

Year 9 Tikanga Māori:  A cultural Perspective

The intention of this course is to provide a locally based perspective of Tikanga Māori for Year 9 students, at the same time encouraging them to compare and contrast aspects from their own and others’ cultures.  There are four units in this course which are delivered over four weeks, three periods per week.

Each unit looks at a different aspect of Tikanga and the threads of each unit bind together for Māori and for other indigenous groups the world over.

Unit 1:  Tane Māhuta  - Ko te whare o te kura - Whakairo carved and printed tiles

Unit 2: Pepeha – Nō hea koe? - Introduce yourself

Unit 3: Whakapapa – Ko wai au? - Where do I come from?

Unit 4: Mahinga Kai - Visit to the Te Ana Māori Rock Art Centre

Kapa Haka

A combined Timaru Boys’ and Timaru Girls’ group Ngā Manu Kura perform at Pōwhiri and various community and school occasions, including the FLAVA Festival.   The name of the group  Ngā Manu Kura (Ngā – many or plural for the Manukura – leaders in their own way and together a force to be reckoned with) encapsulates the essence of leadership predominately shown through the late Matua Smiley who paved the way for the rangatahi to have Māori culture become part of them in their education at both schools.

“Ko te manu e kai ana i te miro, nōnā te ngahere…Ko te manu e kai ana i te mātauranga, nōnā te ao!”

“The bird that feasts of the miro berry, reigns the forest…The bird that feasts of knowledge conquers the world!”