Vision & Strategic Goals


A Timaru Boys’ High School young man will be aspirational, respectful, and a positive contributor to his community, with an inquiring and independent mind. 


We will provide an education with active, varied and progressive learning, grounded in our school values, that supports our young men to attain personal excellence. 

Goal 1: A nurturing environment for individual development


A culture of wellbeing and support prevails for all boys and staff

  • Gifted and talented young men excel
  • Students who need extra support are identified and helped as priority learners
  • Young men develop leadership qualities
  • The curriculum delivers school values 

Goal 2: Excellence from high quality teaching and learning


  • Whole-school "teaching and learning" is developed
  • High quality physical and virtual learning environments are developed
  • An enrichment programme in the Junior school exists for advanced students 

Goal 3: Maori and Pasifika students experience success as Maori and Pasifika learners.


  • Maori and Pasifika boys' needs are recognised and met 

Goal 4: Building further capability and character from the Arts and Sport.


  • The engagement and participation of all students across the school
  • Our young men distinguish themselves in top competitions and events