Director of Boarding

Mr Steve Blair is responsible for the overall management, promotion and future planning of the hostel, the discipline, welfare and social and academic progress of the boarders, and the day to day running of Thomas House.

Residential Manager

Mrs Christine Murdoch is responsible for the care and welfare of the students whilst at Thomas House, along with overseeing their academic progress.

Catering Manager

Mr Justin Holman is responsible for controlling the catering operation of the hostel, the dietary health of the boarders, menus, and any catering contracts, out-catering or hiring contracted by Thomas House Catering.


An Old Boy, ex-boarder, Year 13 Dean and Head of the Physical Education/Health Department at TBHS, Mr Grant McFarlane has been grateful for the education and life lessons experienced as a young man at Timaru Boys'.


Mr James McFarlane is a recent Old Boy of TBHS who has returned from Melbourne to work at Thomas House.  An experienced personal trainer, James has a strong sporting pedigree that he brings to Thomas House.


Mr Chris Packwood, English teacher and timetabler in the school, enjoys the hostel environment and the opportunity to work alongside our boys outside of the classroom environment.

Business Manager

Mrs Christine Swindells is responsible for the financial functions of the hostel including the payment of Boarding Fees.



Gap Student

Julian Martin is a German gapper who supports the housemasters and Residential Manager during their shifts. Julian graduated from school this year and will study Business Psychology after his gap year. He is interested in politics and economics and tries to have intercultural exchanges with our students. Julian would like to gain as much experience as possible of what the Kiwi 'way of life' looks like. He would be happy to be invited to visit farms and other such locations that give an insight into our day to day living. 

Additional Staff

In addition to the above, there are numerous Catering, Domestic and Grounds Staff who ensure the Hostel runs smoothly and to a high standard.

Overseas Gap students play an important role and the Health Nurse is available at school for confidential consultations on a weekly basis.