Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

Today’s world is a connected world and we must prepare our students for that reality.  At TBHS we have operated a one-to-one device programme since 2017.  BYOD offers students greater flexibility in their learning and greater opportunities to collaborate.  We have invested in a super-fast, fibre internet connection, and this enables students to engage instantaneously with knowledge and learning resources in a way that was impossible only a few years ago.

We request that all Year 9 students bring a Chromebook to maximise the benefits of a connected learning environment. A Chromebook is a light, easily portable machine that works perfectly with Google docs, the most widely used platform for digital learning at Timaru Boys’ High School.

Mobile phones do not make great learning tools - they don’t have the sophisticated functionality or size to be of real benefit to the students’ learning.  We feel that students need a keyboard that is big enough to type on, and a screen that is easy to view.

While we recommend a Chromebook, if you already own a laptop or want to buy your son one, that would be fine as well. If your son is bringing a tablet to work on, we recommend you purchase a Bluetooth keyboard to go with it.

 Noel Leeming do offer special BYOD pricing, but parents are always able to buy what they want where they want.

Check out this website

Register for MyNL and enter Timaru Boys to obtain BYOD pricing.

TBHS will email parents if other deals are made available

 BYOD Digital Acceptance Use Contract

In order to access the school Wi-Fi, students must complete the BYOD Digital Acceptance Use Contract, available from the Student Office.  This must be signed by Parents/Caregivers and the student and handed back to the Student Office.

BYOD Registration

To use a BYOD Device, students must register the WiFi MAC Address of their device at the Student Office or IT Department.