At Timaru Boys’ High School, Technology is seen as an important academic subject within the school and every student has the opportunity to experience a variety of contexts in the junior school. From this base, students can scaffold their learning and select courses for their senior education. Technology is a university and scholarship approved subject that prepares students for tertiary study, trades, apprenticeships and later life skills.

 These aims are reflected in and achieved the three different strands of the Technology curriculum:

  • Technological Practice
  • Technological Knowledge
  • Nature of Technology   

By employing knowledge in these strands students should be able to: 

  • Become confident in using a variety of means to address needs and opportunities and solve practical problems within society.
  • Gather information from diverse sources.
  • Develop lateral and divergent thinking, take risks and develop multiple solutions to problems and manage resources effectively and efficiently.
  • Feel empowered to contribute to a technological society. 

Student achievement in this area is as varied as the subject itself. Boys will refine their skills and outcomes within one or more of their chosen technological areas. They will create solutions that have will have practical applications for many years to come.