Academic Courses

Academic Courses / ESOL

International students follow the academic courses provided for New Zealand students but with some changes tailored to meeting specific needs. The general academic programme for the school is set out in the Curriculum section of this website. Here you will find details of all courses offered from Year 9 through to Year 13. Under the guidance of the Director of International Students and a qualified teacher, the students undergo a full English as a Second Language course while at the same time being integrated into mainstream classes at the level their ability indicates. 

English Language Programmes (Short courses)

As well as tutoring full time International Students, Timaru Boys' High School also offers a comprehensive English Language Programme and introduction to our New Zealand lifestyle to small groups of International students on short programmes. Students attend class from 8:40am to 12:35 pm with a break of 20 minutes from 10.40 - 11.00 am. Some of the learning will involve formal language study. English lessons will have a focus on formal reading and writing, grammar and vocabulary. Informal conversation will also be offered based on the formal lessons emphasizing listening and speaking.

Students will also have the opportunity to attend other subject classes including mathematics, science, social sciences, economics, art, food technology, horticulture, computer studies, music, workshop technology and physical education. There will be an opportunity for the students to evaluate the language programme at the end of the Short Programme. Students will be provided with a Certificate of Completion of the programme together with an individual student progress report.