What we offer

Welcome, we trust your association with the school will be both challenging and rewarding. International students are warmly received into our school's community and we value this opportunity for contact with other cultures. The school acknowledges that the learning it provides today needs to prepare all students for life in a global world. Our aim is to provide the education best suited to the needs of our international students. We stress the importance of an academic curriculum supported by all the important sporting, cultural and social aspects of education. At Timaru Boys' High School we aim to prepare our students for future tertiary and vocational opportunities and to provide international students with the necessary qualifications and fluency in English to succeed in their chosen career. International students will be fully supported in their learning and well cared for.

"We look forward to sharing the experience of our school and culture with you."

Mr Ross Stevenson & Mr Rod Sparrow
Acting Co-Rectors

What We Offer International Students

  • Academic excellence
  • "Top quality" education for all students at all levels
  • Traditional as well as progressive programmes
  • Strong emphasis on examination results
  • Sporting and cultural excellence
  • Firm and fair discipline
  • Sound guidance for boys

How we achieve this

A varied and flexible course structure

  • Experienced and well qualified teachers
  • Caring and involved staff
  • A commitment to excellence in all endeavours
  • Opportunities and challenges for boys
  • Modern resources, buildings and equipment

Code of Practice

Timaru Boys' High School is a signatory to the Ministry Of Education's Code of Practice for the Care of International Students. This means that when you enrol at our school you can be assured that the quality of care you will receive will be of the highest standard. Copies of the Code are available on request from the school or from the New Zealand Ministry of Education website at www.minedu.govt.nz.

Where Do Our Students Come From?

Timaru Boys' High School is home to students from many different parts of the world. Our international students come mainly from Thailand, Hong Kong, South Korea, Japan, India, the Pacific Islands and the People's Republic of China. Gap students come mainly from Europe. 

Fee paying students are joined by students from other countries who are here on exchange with students from our school. Increasingly, we are seeing students from North and South America as well as Europe and Australia entering our school for both short and long term stays. If you are interested in coming to New Zealand as an exchange student why not contact your local AFS branch, STS Student Travel Schools or us, for further details. We welcome contact from GAP students.


Outside of the normal school activities, the International Director and ESOL department arrange other activities. These include ski trips, trips to local areas and other centres, Outdoor Education Camps, events that involve all South Canterbury International students, social occasions.