Scholarships and Allowances

Boarding Allowances

The Ministry of Education provides boarding allowances to help students who live in remote areas. Boarding away from home is one of the options to help these students stay in education and achieve a qualification.
Eligible students can enrol at any school (state, state-integrated or private). If they enrol at a boarding school, they stay in the school’s hostel. If it’s not a boarding school, their family must arrange private board for them.   If a student in your family needs extra help to succeed at school you can find out about the different options available on the Ministry of Education Parent website.  

Deadlines for applying

This process is administered by the Ministry of Education, not the school.   For further information on how to apply, eligibility, funding and applications, please visit the Ministry of Education website.  If you have any questions about the application process please email: or call 04 439 5425 or 04 463 8085.