The Mathematics Department at Timaru Boys’ will offer a balanced mathematical programme which will include concept learning, developing and maintaining skills, and learning to tackle applications. This programme will be taught in such a way that students develop the ability to think mathematically.

Teachers will create opportunities for students to develop their mathematical skills by encouraging them to practice, to learn simple strategies and to clearly communicate their Ideas in a variety of ways.   

Students will be given every opportunity to reach their potential, they will have the opportunity to experience a range of mathematics appropriate to their age level, interests and capabilities.

Assessments will focus on what the students know, what they can do and how they think about mathematics. Assessments will have a broad range of mathematical tasks and problems and require the application of a number of mathematical ideas at a variety of different levels. Assessments undertaken will provide students and parents with an indication of the student’s progress.

The use of Technology is an important part of the mathematics programme. Calculators, graphical calculators and computers are learning tools which students can use to discover and reinforce new ideas. Technology is a powerful tool which enables students to concentrate on mathematical ideas rather than on routine mechanical manipulation.