The Timaru Boys’ High School English Department has a commitment to facilitating students to be active engaged learners. They are encouraged to think widely, be confident in forming their own ideas while expressing themselves clearly in a range of forms.  Our focus is on strengthening all students’ communication skills, no matter their level of ability or experience they bring into the classroom. We aim to develop and build their enjoyment of English through a variety of means; whether it be through writing short stories, reading and responding to a broad range of literature, connecting text to their own world, understanding visual text, writing a poem or arguing a case in a debate or delivering a speech. Students are actively guided through a learning pathway that caters for all students no matter their ability and one that will enable them, not only to fulfil their potential while at school, but play a significant role in their future lives.

The teachers in the English Department are also committed to offering opportunities for extension through a range of co-curricular activities. These include creative writing in competitions, public speaking, debating, junior spelling bee, ICAS competitions. Our students have attained a number of national Scholarships and prizes.