Agriculture at Timaru Boys’ High School offers its students a variety of activities to engage, participate and actively learn through several different avenues including a Young Farmers Club and academic courses consisting of Agriculture and Agricultural Science.   Agriculture presently is available at an option at year 10 and through all levels in the senior school.

Year 10 students participate and learn about Horticulture and Horticultural Marketing as well as getting the opportunity to grow their own vegetables from both seedlings and seeds in the Vege plot on site at school. Small engines are covered looking at the differences between diesel and petrol two and four stroke engines and best applications for each. An Agricultural field day is an annual event where kids get the opportunity to reinforce knowledge learnt through their final unit on Sheep Farming. Practical demonstrations and opportunities to participate in the likes of shearing, drenching and Artificial Insemination on ‘Betsy’ a model cow exist. Speakers from Dairy NZ and other Agricultural fields are present. 

Agriculture in the senior school provides both practical and theory units on Farm bikes, Tractors, Fencing, Animal Handling, Agrichemicals, Chainsaws, Pasture Management, Fertilisers, Health and Safety units as well as a host of other animal based units including Cattle Breeds and farm Dogs.

Agricultural Science is available as an option throughout the senior school also, and many boys opt to study both subjects in tandem.  Agricultural Science really challenges our students to think about Primary Production and Marketing and entails a more scientific and research based approach to Agriculture.