Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

In 2018 we have introduced BYOD at Timaru Boys’ High School with Year 9 boys.  This decision has been made after consultation with the school community and parents/caregivers and is seen as a way to bring exciting new learning opportunities to our boys.


Why are we doing this?

We want to enhance lessons to make great learning even greater with a blending of digital with long-valued teaching and learning techniques.  We believe that an internet capable device is now an important part of a boy’s modern learning toolkit.  It gives them instant access to unlimited resources and enables them to support, extend, communicate and share their learning in ways that prepares them for the future.  Feedback from Year 8 parent/caregiver interviewing indicates this view is shared strongly.


What next?

Our aim is for every boy to own or access an individual device, by the end of Term 1 2018.   Boys are welcome to bring in their current devices.  However, please read the specifications below to check if it is suitable to bring in.  Alternatively, we have partnered with Harvey Norman who are giving families the opportunity to purchase devices at competitive prices.  

There will be a number of devices available for boys to sign-out for use during the school day, if they do not have one.  If BYOD presents a significant financial barrier for you, please contact Mrs Lyn Stewart, Business Manager, at: and we will do our best to meet the needs of your family.


Free Software

In partnership with Microsoft, TBHS provides five free copies of Microsoft Office to each boy while they are attending our school.  This gives them access to the latest versions of Microsoft Office, including Word, PowerPoint, Publisher, Excel & OneNote, etc.  Each boy can install Microsoft Office on up to five personal devices.  When starting school, a Timaru Boys’ High School log-in is provided to download the software directly from Microsoft.


Security & Insurance

While we take care to protect students’ property, we cannot accept responsibility for devices that are lost or stolen, so please make sure the device is covered by insurance for these possibilities.  School lockers will be available for storage.  Alternatively, boys could leave their device at the School Office during break or lunch time.   In most cases, your home contents insurance will cover the device, but please check your policy to ensure this is the case and that the excess is not more than the value of the device.  There are also insurance and warranty options available from Harvey Norman at an additional cost.



You are welcome to bring your own device to school, connect to our wi-fi and use the internet to help with your learning. All internet use is filtered for safety, and logged against your username. While our network has been designed so it will work with pretty much any device, bear in mind that we are a Windows school using Microsoft Office 365 and Google Apps.  All boys will be able to register an unlimited number of devices for daily use.

Also your device should meet the following specifications:

  • Wireless capability – 5GHz
  • Keyboard
  • 11” or bigger screen
  • Battery life of at least 5 hours
  • A bag and/or a sleeve to protect it
  • Anti-virus programme – free is okay, e.g. AVG
  • Hard drive minimum 32GB
  • RAM minimum 4GB