Teschemaker Cup

From 1896 until 1908, the Teschemaker Cup, previously a trophy of the South Canterbury Amateur Athletic Club, was awarded to the winner of the Old Boys’ race at the annual school athletic sports of Timaru Boys’ High School.

In 1919 the cup was re-instated by the Timaru High School Old Boys’ Association as an award for the Outstanding Sporting Old Boy of the Year.  The award continued in this format until the 1960s, when the interpretation of “sporting” was widened. More non-sporting awards were made in the 1970s.

The basis of the award was eventually defined as the Outstanding Old Boy of the Year, based broadly on national and/or international prominence in the areas of sport, cultural activities or public affairs.

The Teschemaker Cup is awarded annually and recognises: “an outstanding Old Boy who has achieved national or international prominence in the area of sport, cultural activities, research, business"

The Executive of the Old Boys’ Association would welcome any nomination for this highly regarded award. If you know an Old Boy who is worthy of this award, please nominate him. Include a brief resume and send to the THSOBA Secretary