'Break a leg'

By Drama League | Posted: Monday April 8, 2024

There are several TBHS students involved with the Drama League's upcoming production

"Featuring South Canterbury's youth talent, 'TUCK' is a magical tale with wonderful characters and simply gorgeous music.
(Suitable for ages 7/8 plus)

What's it about? The story, (directed by Alice Sollis, musical direction, Ella Thomas and choreography Jo Williams) set in the early 1900s, tells the saga of the Tuck Family, a clan of four who have happened upon a fountain of youth that has frozen their ages in time. When their younger boy Jesse happens upon a girl named Winnie Foster while wandering in the woods, it forces the Tucks to decide whether or not they can share their secret. Complicating their fears is the sinister Man in the Yellow Suit, who has spent his life trying to find the Tucks and the mysterious elixir that makes them eternal.
The beautiful music is atmospheric and poetic with a folk and pop/rock mix.
Watch out for cast introductions coming soon!
click here to book tickets now" https://www.iticket.co.nz/events/2024/apr/scdl-tuck-everlasting

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