By Megan Blake | Posted: Tuesday May 31, 2022

TBHS winners!

On Tuesday the 31st of May, Timaru Boys’ High School Theatre Sports team, consisting of Nico Cousau, Maddy Parker, Sam Roadley, Andrew Blake, Aris Ocon, Jakeb Fahey, travelled to Craighead Diocesan School to participate in the annual Improvisation Exchange.

This is the second consecutive year of this annual competition, which TBHS hosted last year for its initial exchange.

The exchange allowed the two teams to showcase their improvisational skills, story telling, and acting ability in general.

TBHS won this exchange and gained the ‘Impro Shield’ for 2022. Congratulations to both teams for making this competition such an exciting and entertaining event. Thank you to Craighead for hosting this event.

TBHS runs a Theatre Sports Club at lunchtime every Wednesday in the Drama room, new members are welcome to come along at any stage and see Theatre Sports in action.

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