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By TBHS | Posted: Monday July 1, 2024

The following notice contains important information for all parents and students.

Conferencing (Senior School)

This takes place on last Friday of Term 3 (September 27th). There are no regular classes on this day.

Vehicle Permission (Senior School)

A reminder that senior students, Year 12 and 13 (Year 11 may bring a moped or similar), must have completed a vehicle permission form before they bring a vehicle to school. These forms are available from the Student Support Office. Passengers are only allowed to be transported if the appropriate documentation has been completed.


KAMAR Parent Portal

There is a link on the TBHS website Parents can access: Daily notices, student details, financial, attendance, NCEA summary, results, POWER scores, reports, and career pathways. A great way to keep track of your son’s progress. If you haven’t received logon details please email your son’s form teacher.

Your son is also able to access the Portal with his logon.


Literacy and Numeracy Assessments

To gain NCEA at any level requires students to have passed NZQA assessments in reading, writing and numeracy. Year 10 and some senior students sat these in Term 2. The results are released in early August. There is another opportunity to sit the tests in Term 3 9th-20th September. More specific information will be sent out in Term 3.


Phone Policy – Away for the Day

A reminder that student phones are switched off and left in their bag during the day. If a parent needs to urgently contact their son, please ring the school office.

Consequences for having a phone out during school hours (in class or on the school grounds):

1st incident: The phone will be confiscated, labelled and held in the office until the end of the school day, at which point, the student may pick it up. Parents will be emailed.

2nd incident: The phone will be confiscated, labelled and held in the office. Parents/ caregivers will be contacted and asked to come and pick the phone up at their earliest convenience.

3rd incident: The student and their parent/ caregiver will be required to attend a meeting with a member of the senior leadership team to discuss the continual breaches and what support can be put in place to ensure this does not continue.

TBHS Senior School Examinations

These take place in Week 5 (19th-23rd August). Seniors will be on examination leave during that week. Some identified students may be asked to come in to school to complete any missed work.


Office 365

All students can download this for free on up to five devices. This can include computers at home. All Year 9 students have been shown how to access this.

If there are any questions email Mr Burke

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