TBHS Cross country

By Paul Dominikovich | Posted: Sunday April 30, 2023

The 2023 School cross country was a complete rebrand on previous years.

Moved to Term 1 and shifted to the Duckpond in the Scenic for a spectacular start/finish area boys had a choice of a challenging long course (3700m for all) or a shorter lap (800m) for those less confident or able. There were the three main races but imbedded in these were class and Vertical Form competitions and then there was a First Teams Relay to finish a busy afternoon of running.

Race 1 was a victory for Johnny McCabe (16.42) followed by George Talbot (17.11) and Shay Cockburn (17.12). Totara were the top Year 9 class (1100 points) winning the new Kirkwood Shield from Rimu and Manuka.

Hamish Tilsley (15.41) was triumphant in the under 16 race with Harry Davis (15.58) and Jack Parry (16.45) taking second and third respectively. 10 MF scored 1114 points to win the Gordon Family Shield from 10RY and 10WN

Tom Allan stormed around the Course for a stunning 13.11 time and a commanding first place. Malachy Cleland (13.54) held off Baxter Mason (13.56) to complete the Senior podium.

Congratulations to Dawson House. 4309 points was enough to win the House competition from Tait (4024), Simmers (3999) and Hogben (3204).

We were also able to calculate the top Vertical Form class. Congratulations to Mr Sugars class (TSU) who combined for first place from SWK (Ms Whytock) and DSH (Mr Sharp).

13 Teams of four lined up for the first ever First Teams Relay around the 800m Duckpond Loop. This fun Event was extremely competitive with the Golf team (Ryan Caldwell, AJ Caldwell, Daniel Poulter and Blake Parker) taking the spoils in (11.24) with Rowing (11.40) and Hockey (11.45) also in the mix finishing in the minor placings just in front of Soccer, Cricket and Rugby. The Staff Team managed 12th, but significantly they were ahead of the Prefects team.

Thank you to all the marshalls out on the course and our photographers including Jonty Porter with some spectacular drone footage. 

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