Reminder for parents and students

By TBHS | Posted: Tuesday September 13, 2022

Rules and Regulations - To and from School

We must know where the student is at all times. They may not leave school without permission.

The following rules apply to all students:

a) You must arrive at school by 8.40am or 5 minutes before the start of the school programme. If you arrive late you must sign in at the student office before going to class or assembly.

b) Daily routine – there is a warning bell five minutes before the beginning of morning school, end of morning break and before the beginning of afternoon school. This warning bell is a signal to move towards the classroom.

c) If you need to leave during the school day for an appointment, or because you have become sick, you must sign out at the student office. If you are sick the Student Office will contact your parents. If you return to school that day you must sign back in again before you return to class.

d) Boys who normally lunch at school may not leave the school grounds except with the written permission of the Rector or Deputy Rector. If you wish to go home for lunch you must have a lunch pass.

e) If you are absent your parent/guardian must ring the Student Office as soon as possible explaining your absence for that day.If you are going to be absent on a certain day/days a note by a parent/guardian must be given in advance to your Form Teacher.If you want special leave from school a letter addressed to the Rector is required making theleave request.

f) Approved reasons for absence are ill-health, bereavement, medical appointment.The following are NOT approved reasons for absence:-driving lessons, employment holiday, assisting parents at home or work.If you want special leave from school you must apply in writing to the Rector.

g) If you wish to drive to school (Year 12 and 13 students) you must obtain a school vehicle pass.h) If you travel in another student’s car you require written permission from your parent and the parent of the car owner.

Visiting Shops: The dairy opposite the main school gate and the fish and chip shop on the corner of Otipua Road and North Street are out of bounds for students.

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