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By TBHS | Posted: Monday June 19, 2023

Important information for parents and students


Any student’s attendance below 85% is a concern. The school will check the nature of the student’s absences and the student will possibly not be able to participate in extra-curricular activities. If a student is away sick for the day, they should not be at a sports practice or game on that day.If you would like to discuss attendance, please contact the dean of your student.

Signing in/out

There has been a noticeable increase in students not signing in when they arrive late to school. This is causing extra work following up. It is up to students to take responsibility and sign in when arriving late to school. PLEASE ENCOURAGE YOUR BOYS TO SIGN IN.

Update details

Please remember to update any contact details if your change address/job/phone numberetc. Please contact Michelle on 6877560 and follow prompts to the absence line.

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