Board Games at lunch time

By S. Hutchinson | Posted: Thursday June 27, 2024

Fun in the library!

With the phone ban at schools, the library has seen an increase in the number of board and card games that are being played at lunchtime. No doubt, the numbers are also helped by the cold and wet winter months but it is a pleasure to see. Boys have been playing a mix of traditional games like Scrabble or Connect 4, newer games like Exploding Kittens as well as creating their own games by trying to build the tallest tower Jenga bricks! Even our set of playing cards are a source of amusement as our cards are twice their normal size! 

Board Games at lunch time — Image by: TBHS

Given the popularity of board games, if anyone has any board or card games that are languishing in cupboards please donate them to the library!

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