Brunch Club

By M Blake | Posted: Monday February 27, 2023

The TBHS Brunch Club (formally known as the Breakfast Club) operates from the newly refurbished kitchen in the school hall everyday during interval and lunchtime.

This is a space where our students are able to access microwaves for reheating meals, hot water for their noodles etc. While also providing opportunities for students to have some extra snacks in the form of toast, sandwiches, weetbix and hot milo to help sustain them during their busy school days.

Brunch Club is available to all of our students, and is fast becoming an opportunity for our students to connect on a social level as well as focusing on their physical wellbeing.

Donations of non-perishable food items are always greatly appreciated at any stage during the term. If this is possible please drop off items at the Student Office.

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