Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat

By TBHS | Posted: Thursday June 6, 2019

The cast and production team of this year's combined TGHS/TBHS Musical, Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat can be extremely proud of their performances.

This classic musical story of a young man with visions and a kaleidoscopic-coloured coat was once again a big hit with local audiences who braved the cold evenings to come and support our young actors.

Staged between 28-31 May, the show followed the journey of Joseph being sold into slavery by his brothers, falsely accused and imprisoned, and his ultimate rise to right-hand man of the Pharaoh.

Last staged by the school in 2005,  a few "up-to-date-touches" were added to the traditional set design that alternated between a desert scene and sphinx head backdrop.

Old Boy Caleb Cameron assisted the production team with choreography (particularly the more challenging dances such as the hoedown), a live band contributed the music and costumes were made by both staff members and students. 

Thank you to all involved - your commitment to the long rehearsals required to make this a hugely successful production is very much appreciated. The Production team of Suzanne White, Matthew Chapman and Cameron Lines are to be commended.

Cast Members

Joseph: Ethan Chittock

Narrator: Macy Shields

Jacob: Braedon Armstrong


Reuben: Renee Kerr

Simeon: Maximus Mortimer

Levi: Lily Shields

Napthali: Jemma Riddle

Isachar: Rebekah Frame

Asher: Abraham Hix

Dan: Karl Omotoy

Zebulun: Hannah Martin

Gad: Andrew Blake

Benjamin: Solomon Hix

Judah: Patrick Howden


Pharaoh: Jemma Riddle

Potiphar: Karl Omotoy

Mrs Potiphar: Sophie Vaughan

Butler: Magdalene Haugh

Baker: Muriel D’Souza


Stella Vaivai, Kristie Goodsir, Jess Brown, Megan Talbot, Maddy Frame, Sophee Knaggs, Bianca Grant, Alex Jessica Scannell, Maddison Strachan, Mya Lundie, Jodeci Richards

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