Strategic Goals 2016-2017

Goal 1 : TBHS will focus on excellent outcomes for our boys from high quality teaching and learning.


  • Our whole-school teaching and learning philosophy and practice is developed
  • The Curriculum delivers school values and thinking skills
  • High quality physical and virtual learning environments are developed
  • Maori and Pasifika boys’ needs are recognised and they experience success as Maori and Pasifika learners 

Goal 2 : TBHS will support individual learning and development by providing a nurturing environment.


  • A culture of wellbeing and support prevails for all boys
  • Gifted and talented boys excel 
  • Vulnerable students are identified and helped
  • Accelerated and enriched students are identified and helped

Goal 3: TBHS will extend the positive influences of the Arts and Sport on the growth of our young men


  • The engagement and participation of all students across the school
  • Our boys distinguish themselves in top grades, competitions and events
  • Boys develop leadership qualities