Good Luck to our Footloose Actors

By TBHS | Posted: Wednesday April 14, 2021

Timaru Boys' High School consistently has a number of students represented each year with the Junior Drama League Section productions.

This year's production of Footloose has several of our boys participating and we wish them every success for the sold out season. Footloose is over 2 hours long and has difficult harmonies and very challenging fast paced choreography. It has required 3 months of huge commitment and long rehearsal.

The School group photo features three leads from Timaru Boys' High School: Sam Roadley, Andrew Blake and Nico Cousau. Sam is an outstanding character actor with great comic timing, while Andrew is a great all round actor with strong stage presence. He plays the bad guy in Footloose very well. His infectious confidence brings life and energy to the rest of the cast. Nico joins us for his first role with Juniors – High School. He has two contrasting roles in the show, that of a teenager as well as a cameo of a father character.

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