2020 Teschemaker Cup Recipient

By TBHS | Posted: Saturday March 6, 2021

Congratulations to Professor Nigel McMIllan, recipient of the 2020 Teschemaker Cup.

The Teschemaker Cup is awarded annually by the THS Old Boys' Association and recognises “an outstanding Old Boy who has achieved national or international prominence in the area of sport, cultural activities, research, business or public affairs” .

Prof McMillan is a cancer researcher interested in the infectious causes of cancer.

He is an internationally recognised expert in the area of human papillomavirus, gene editing and gene silencing with over 90 publications and has had continuous NHRMC funding for 22 years. 

Research findings:

  • discovery of the receptor for the human papillomavirus 
  • discovered how HPV signals cells to replicate better 
  • found 3 new papillomaviruses in Australian wildlife, including one in echidnas 
  • found HPV is present in normal blood, explaining why researchers find it in lots of cancers
  • developed novel liposomes for drug delivery 
  • showed silencing of the HPV E7 gene caused tumours to shrink  
  • first to show cancer can be eliminated completely using CRISPR

We look forward to celebrating the award with Professor McMillan at a special presentation to be made later in the year.