Yeeehhhaaa... Another successful Ball!!

By TBHS | Posted: Saturday October 31, 2020

Our TBHS 2020 School Ball was another roaring success due to the commitment and hard work of our Ball Committee, Ms Keri Whytock and staff.

Thanks so much to everyone for their input into ensuring the Wild West event proceeded without any hitches. Mac's Saloon came alive in the Gym with the "meet and greet" going very smoothly as our handsome young men and their beautiful belles arrived in their transport of choice - that also included a helicopter landing on the rectory field!!

The red carpet led toSparrowville, meticulously decked out in a Wild West theme where ballgoers socialised, danced and ate the night away! Food was again 

Thank you again to all who ensured the succes of a very special evening, including our concerned nighbours who reported a "horse rustling" the following morning! It was a wonderful night.

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