Te Wiki o te Reo Mori 14-20 Mahuru

By TBHS | Posted: Saturday September 19, 2020

Mori Language Week has been celebrated around the school in numerous ways.

Year 12 Hospitality and Year 11 PACE Science and Food Technology came together to create paraoa using two different methods. One used yeast, a microorganism, to make the dough rise and was fried to cook it, the other was baked in the oven. 

It was great to see them working together, showing kotahitanga. They all enjoyed tasting the paraoa with reka toppings.  

Year 9 Rimu and Year 12 PACE also worked together in the kitchen to make Paraoa Parei (Fried Bread) using a Rewena starter.

Year 9 Totara students created and recorded shadow  to re-tell the story of Maui slowing the Sun to communicate their understanding of how light interacts with different materials.

In Drama, Year 9 Kowhai and Matai focussed on incorporating Te Reo as part of their Drama activities. Both classes participated in a Drama scavenger hunt around TBHS using Maori Language. The classes used both effective teamwork and problem solving skills to help them complete the riddles, important skills in Drama. The photos show the winning teams from both Year 9 classes. Well done everyone for displaying our TBHS POWER during this activity.

Check out the video on our Facebook page where our Rector Mr Thorp and teacher Mrs Fenwick interview three of our boys.  Thank you to Denvah Peters, Bryce Barrett and Junior Couling for your willingness to participate in the video presentation.

Staff have also been kept busy with learning a daily proverb - thank you Mrs Fenwick! 

Ko te reo te taikura ō te whakaaro marama - Language is the key to understanding.

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