NCEA Adjustments for 2020

By TBHS | Posted: Monday June 8, 2020

Previous announcements were that examination times at the end of the year have been delayed by a week and portfolios in some subjects have later completion dates. New changes involve:

Merit and Excellence certificate endorsement changing from 50 to 46

Merit and Excellence course endorsement changing from 14 to 12 (at least 3 internal 3 external)

UE awarded with 12 credits in three approved UE subjects rather than 14 along with getting Level 3 and literacy and numeracy

Every eligible student will receive 1 extra LR credit for every 5 credits they gain in 2020.

Level 1 maximum of 10 LR credits

Level 2/3 maximum of 8 LR credits

(LR means Learning Recognition)

These will be calculated and awarded in January 2021 once results are released.