Bubble Life - Junior Drama

By TBHS | Posted: Sunday May 3, 2020

During the lockdown, TBHS Junior Drama have been recording what their lives are like in their "Bubbles".

The students' short films documentaries show a variety of methods of visual presentations, for example, slow motion, time lapse, close ups etc.

Our Junior Drama students have certainly been active in their relaxation activities as well as engaged in their online learning, as google classroom sites were certainly a feature of their videos.

It was great to see how many family members took part in helping to edit the final short film presentation or were a special guest star in the film.  Several very cute four-legged guest appearances were also noted!

The students have shown a massive amount of creativity and enthusiasm in completing this activity to a high standard, and it has been entertaining and a pleasure to watch their experiences during lockdown.

I have been very proud of the Junior Drama students’ efforts with some potentially being a "Peter Jackson of the future".

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