Staff Tribute: Fred Windsor

By TBHS | Posted: Sunday May 3, 2020

Fred Windsor passed away on Friday 24 April after a courageous battle with cancer.

His funeral service was held on Friday 1 May at St Thomas’s Church.  Because we are still in Level 3 lockdown, only ten people could attend his funeral, although many others joined online for the live stream. Timaru Boys' High School was well represented at the service by those who counted Fred as a friend, mentor, teacher and valued colleague.

Fred taught at Timaru Boys’ High School for 41 years from 1970 until 2010 and had an extensive involvement with TBHS Football over the years. He was largely responsible for developing a Football culture at the school, centred around pride, hard work and a joy of the game. His sides consistently attended the Premier NZSSFA Tournament (top 24 teams in NZ) and recorded some top 8, even top 4 (in 1995) finishes.

He was a passionate History teacher who knew his students well and always expected the best from them. Fred fought for the students who needed someone in their corner. His form class, 10WR, was often put together by design and students will remember Fred fondly, even though he would give them a telling off when they needed it. One of our current teachers, Gavin Miller was taught by Fred: “Fred was very firm, but with clear standards, boundaries and expectations. You could certainly get a telling off, but the slate would be clean the next day and if you got it right, he would acknowledge that. He was very good at making connections outside the classroom; he knew what kids were involved in and would talk to them, congratulate them about that. When you reached the senior school, he treated you as a young man, which we appreciated.”

Many students remember Fred as a great story teller, recounting anecdotes about people to bring historical events to life. He loved helping students make their mark nationally, or even internationally, in academic, sporting, or cultural fields. He equally enjoyed that we produced a lot of good, solid citizens, particularly if they had had to overcome some challenges or adversity. Students loved the fact that he enjoyed a bit of banter and could laugh at himself. Fred was hugely proud of and loyal to the school, helping out wherever he could. This interest and support continued into his retirement, and he always knew what was happening.

Fred was a unique character - a great teacher, coach and mate, who had a positive impact on all those who knew him. Our condolences go to his wife Sue, brother John, daughter Rebecca and son David and their families.