Grease Update

By TBHS | Posted: Wednesday March 11, 2020

So far things are made in the shade for our combined Timaru Boys’/Girls’ production of Grease!

Congratulations to our cast for the upcoming production of Grease. Remember to mark the dates 27-29 May in your calendar now.


Danny: Ethan Chittock; Sandy: Lily Shields; Kenickie: Max Mortimer
Doody: Sam Roadley; Roger: Karl Omitoy; Sonny: Deltah Kaipo
Rizzo: Stella Viavai; Marty: Macy Shields; Frenchy: Renee Kerr
Jan: Magdaleen Hough; Eugene: Jake Fahey; Patty Simcock: Sophie Vaughn
Cha Cha: Rebekah Frame Miss Lynch: Hannah Martin Vince Fontaine: Patrick Howden
Johnny Casino: Andrew Blake; Teen Angel: Jemma Riddle


Kine Budd, Sophee-ann Knaggs, Eden Hurst Olivia Hewitson
Kristie Goodsir, Nico Cousau, Ben Walker, Jessica Brown
Eve Reihana, Hannah Fleet, Maddy Parker, Katy Woods
Mitchyl Ovenstone, Hunter-Grace Keys, Jayden Mcdougall, Aris Ocon

Grease is the Word!!