Rite Journey Update

By TBHS | Posted: Thursday March 12, 2020

The Rite Journey programme is underway with over one hundred and thirty boys across all Year 10 classes participating.

This programme is designed to give the boys a greater understanding of who they are as a person, who they would like to become and how to get there.

Throughout the year, the boys are challenged in a number of different areas. On Sunday 1 March and Thursday 5 March the boys completed two elements of the program.

1 March saw approximately 110 Year 10 students and seven staff take part in the Hadlow to Harbour fun run and walk. The boys completed this as a challenge in the Rite Journey Programme; it is one of the initial challenges in a programme that is extremely special to Timaru Boys’ High School.

The boys all challenged themselves to complete either the 3km or the 10km run; this is what makes the programme special, as boys are challenged to extend themselves out of their comfort zone. This is where a large part of a boy's personal character growth happens.

With such large numbers from TBHS competing in the event, we were very fortunate to gain two prizes - both the Team Effort award and also the Timaru Schools' award for participation. This was the third year in a row we have won the Timaru Schools' Trophy.

The second event on the calendar was The Calling, where every student walked down to the beach as a class. Whilst at the beach they discussed things they are thankful for in their lives and reflected on who they are as a person.

Part of this reflection process is to identify an element in their life that they feel they would like to change or discard. They then write this attitude or behaviour on a rock, then as a class, all boys symbolically cast their stones into the ocean.

This was a great morning walk to the beach in beautiful weather conditions; the boys represented themselves and the school extremely well.

We look forward to the next challenges where the boys will be looking at Mother's Day, Attitude, and competing in clash of the classes Haka and The Rite Journey Sing Off.

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