Rector's Message - March 2020

By TBHS | Posted: Saturday March 14, 2020

Kia ora everyone

Time moves quickly on and we are already over half way through Term 1. The Year 9 classes have been up at John Scott Lodge at Godley Peaks Station for a week each. I went up and stayed a night with Kowhai and was immediately struck by the absolute beauty of the setting - it’s good for the soul! The cold, clear water of the Godley river was put to use as a swimming spot, an obstacle course and a field for mud rugby. The boys worked together in groups and learned important skills. I don’t think I’m overstating it by saying that the Year 9 camps are a profoundly positive experience for the boys, the peer support leaders and the teachers. We are so lucky to have access to John Scott Lodge. Thanks so much to Rob and Karen Glover, the managers of Godley Peaks Station, for their incredible support.

Another highlight of Term 1 was our Athletics Day. As with all TBHS sporting and cultural events, it was tremendous fun. However, it was also a day of real competition, with Tait House taking the overall honours, just like they did in the swimming sports.

Last week, the Rite Journey had the first of its major events, ‘The Calling’. Year 10 boys walked down to the port area to cast a stone into the Pacific Ocean. Written on the stone was a trait or childhood behaviour they want to leave behind on their journey to manhood. I found it moving, but, like anything done by 15 year old boys, the seriousness was interspersed with lots of laughter. Things they do on the ‘Rite Journey’ and at John Scott Lodge camps will resonate with students long after they leave our gates.

There are lots of leadership opportunities offered to senior boys at TBHS. So far this term, I have seen true mentorship and care of younger students shown by our Peer Support Leaders and I have seen our Prefects organise a mufti day and commemorative assembly this Friday to mark the tragic mosque shootings of 2019. Also, this week a group of our seniors gave up a day to help with the organisation and running of the regional schools’ Special Olympics - their good natured and kind approach was appreciated by everyone there.

This Sunday, 15 March, we have our Open Day between 1pm to 3pm. Come and have a look at what goes on at TBHS. Bring your neighbours and friends.

Nga mihi

Dave Thorp