Rector's Message December 2019

By Ross Stevenson | Posted: Wednesday December 4, 2019

Here it is again, the end of another year. Is it because as you get older the year seems to get shorter as opposed to the boys who probably feel the year was never going to end! But end it does and this week is it.

Our Junior Prizegiving is happening on Thursday at 11:00am and we look forward to recognising the success that the boys have earned during their learning this year. We have valued all our junior students this year and although not everyone can walk across the stage, I am sure every boy has something they can be proud of that they have achieved this year.

Our juniors have been involved in several activities at the start of this week. Our Year 9s have taken part in a range of interhouse activities over two days culminating in a sing off and prizegiving. The Year 10s had the culmination of their Tikanga Programme along with a hangi lunch, providing some great tasting food. They then had a day of electives followed by the white shirt induction programme preparing them for life in the senior school. A busy few days for our juniors.

The Year 13 Leavers’ Dinner took place on Tuesday night. Parents, caregivers and 31 staff attended, along with the young men from the class of 2015. They were acknowledged for their input and contribution during their time at school and regaled us with a rendition of Drake’s Drum. William McArthur showed us why he is an internationally recognised bagpiper. A great evening.

As occurs every year, we have staff moving onto other opportunities

Mr Ross Smith is retiring after 40 years of teaching; commencing at TBHS in Term 2 1979 this included being HoD of PE and 21 years in charge of Thomas House. This is an outstanding example of service to the school. His influence on the growth of young men in the community cannot be overlooked. We wish Ross all the best in his retirement. Mrs Abbey Bruce has secured a position at Ashburton College for 2020 after completing eight years at TBHS. We wish Abbey well in the next stage of her career.

During the year the following staff departed the school:

Mr Nick McIvor, the school’s eleventh Rector, left after five and a half years to take up the role as Rector of King’s High School in Dunedin. The school and I wish him well in this next chapter of his educational leadership. Callum Waldron, assistant HoD of English, moved back to England to be closer to family after one and a half years. Karen Staples is on study leave until the end of 2020. Alan McBride, our Business Manager left in April returning to Auckland.