Burnham Military Camp Leadership Training

By TBHS | Posted: Tuesday December 3, 2019

Contributed by Sam Wilson

On 28-29 November, sixteen Year 10 students lived in at Burnham Military camp to participate in a leadership course. This opportunity is unique to Timaru Boys' and an experience that is valued by  the school community.

Our time included a day in the class learning about what makes a good leader, followed by a hard PT session. We then performed our speeches on the topic of a given military leader and headed to the barracks to get a well deserved night sleep. 

The next day we participated in some challenges, taking turns to implement and practice the skills we had learned the day before. This was followed by a guns presentation where we were shown some cool weapons like a 50 calibre machine gun. 

Then another gruelling team PT session forced us all to work together to be able to finish and use all the skills we had learned. To top it off, we had awesome food and some really nice soldiers looking after us. 

Overall, it was a good experience and we all learned heaps.