2019 Leavers' Dinner

By TBHS | Posted: Tuesday December 3, 2019

Speaking as a participant of the Year 13 Leavers' Dinner, I thoroughly enjoyed the smooth organisation and sense of occasion for the final send-off to the Class of 2015 and participating in what may be the last time many of us will eat at Seven Oaks Reception Centre due to it's imminent closure.

Some fantastic speeches punctuated the evening, with the student speeches being a highlight. Photos of each student, presented side by side on screen evidenced growth of a fledgling Year 9 new entrant into the Year 13 fine young man of 2019 standing before us at the dinner. 

An assortment of historical school year photos were also shown. A rousing musical finale was given by William McArthur, our talented bagpiper and the boys finished by singing an equally rousing rendition of Drake's Drum.

Thank you to all who contributed to making this a highly anticipated and successful event on the school calendar.

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