POWER Tools #2 2019

By TBHS | Posted: Thursday September 19, 2019

Last Tuesday, 17 September, we held our second POWER tools day of 2019 for our Year 12 students.

POWER tools continues to meet a need identified by staff and senior students for 'life skills' to be taught to our students. The name and content reflect Timaru Boys' High School PB4L programme, and knowledge and skills for our students futures.

The boys completed five rotations during the day which covered the topics summarised below.

Leaving Home,Managing being Independent, and Life Hacks

Money Mortgages and Investments

Interview Managing an interview and job application tips

Cars Changing a tyre and automotive basics

Electoral What is MMP, why vote, local body versus national elections

Thank you to Mr Bennison, Mr Austin, and Rachel and Bindi from the Electoral Commission for their time and expertise shared. A special thank you to local businesses Grant Jenkins Contracting Ltd, and Thompson Construction and Engineering for providing Grant Jenkins and John Wilson to inform and educate our students. Please use the following links to view a snapshot of some of the information shared.

Grant Jenkins @https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qvHmKbnhQEk&t=7s

John Wilson @ https://youtu.be/JQIV7Rhoqns

Thank you to Di Hay from Aoraki Development for working alongside Grant to role play a good and a not so good interview scenario as this was both entertaining and informative. A special mention for Jake Edwards (2016), Ollie Browning (2017) and Tyler Sparks (2018) who provided stories and experiences from the perspective of recent school leavers. This was well received by the boys and the maturity and growth evident in these young men was rewarding to see.

If you would be willing and able to contribute to our future POWER tools days we would like to welcome you as part of our school community to do so. Please contact Blair Poulter (poulterbl@timaruboys.school.nz) or 687 7560, extn 713.