Pied Piper - William McArthur

By TBHS | Posted: Thursday September 5, 2019

William McArthur has returned from the World Pipe Band Championships, having competed with the Grade 2 Celtic Pipe Band from Nelson.

This is a very prestigious competition with over 190 pipe bands from all over the world  competing in nine grades . The grades rank from Grade 1 (the highest grade), Grade 2, Grade 3 A, Grade 3 B, Juvenile, Grade 4 A, Grade 4 B, novice Juvenile A and novice Juvenile B.

The competition took place on 17 August on the Glasgow Green in Glasgow, Scotland. The band won first place in a qualifying event with a medley, competing against 15 other Grade 2 bands.

The final required them to play a set of a March, Strathspey and Reel, resulting in the band placing 4th in Grade 2 out of all the Grade 2 bands in the world.  

William really enjoyed this experience and would like to thank everyone that made the trip possible. He feels honoured to have had the opportunity to play alongside such a great group of both players and people. He is planning on going back again next year with a Grade 1 band and looks forward to another great experience alongside great people.