Rector's Message - September 2019

By Ross Stevenson | Posted: Saturday September 21, 2019

The dust is settling on another busy term. Senior students are starting to realise that they may have less than 20 periods left in each of their subjects before they go on NCEA Examination leave.

For Year 13 it’s a realisation that their secondary school career is almost at an end, this might be starting to sink in for their parents as well! Students with external examinations should be involved in planning/starting to look at their revision programme.

Conferencing is on next Friday the 27th with all senior students. This will be a good opportunity to identify where students are at in their achievement so far and what they need to do to get to where they want to be by the end of the year. Feel free to say hello as you are waiting to meet with your son’s conferencing teacher.

Students without external examinations will have an opportunity to complete any internal work that they need to reach their NCEA goals during the Booster programme. This will take place when other students take examination leave. Also, students who we think will benefit from doing their study/assessment at school will be asked to stay for a period of time when study leave starts. We want students to finish the year with the achievement they deserve.

What a great result for the 1st XI Hockey finishing second in New Zealand! It shows that a smallish school from outside a main centre can foot it with the big boys. As with many of you, I followed their progress online and watched the final through Facebook. There are plenty of other good results during Tournament Week which you can check out in here or on the school Facebook page.

A magnificent Ball was held at school on Friday the 13th. The theme of Monopoly was well created by the boys in the Ball Committee, ably assisted by a large number of staff, especially teacher, Keri Whytock. Keri ensured the Committee were meeting their obligations and time lines. The young men and their partners had a great time and represented themselves very well. The chocolate fountain is always a focus point in the supper room.