New Zealand Blood Service Drive

By TBHS | Posted: Friday September 20, 2019

Timaru Boys' is a strong supporter of the NZ Blood Service's mobile blood drive, hosting the team annually at the school, and encouraging our students and staff to participate in this worthwhile cause.

Timaru Boys' encourages students to recognise the importance of establishing a lifetime habit of donating blood and making a worthwhile contribution to their community.

Sincere thanks go to all who participated in this worthy cause, including students from Timaru Girls' High School and Craighead.

Important facts about blood

· There is no substitute for human blood—healthy donors are the only source of blood supply.

· 29,000 patients are treated with blood or blood products in New Zealand each year.

· A blood donation is separated into different components, each of which is used to treat different patients—accident trauma, patients undergoing surgery, people with leukaemia, transplant patients and many others. Blood products are also used for immunisation to help prevent diseases such as hepatitis A and B, tetanus and chickenpox.

· Each donation is able to help save up to 3 people—blood donors are literally lifesavers.

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