Rector Appointment Update

By TBHS | Posted: Tuesday August 13, 2019

During the last week of Term 2, the Board of Trustees interviewed and assessed three shortlisted candidates for the position of 12th Rector of Timaru Boys' High School.

This was a multifaceted process that included a comprehensive interview process and reference checking, as well as input from senior staff, senior students, the admin team and parents.

At the conclusion of this evaluation process, the Board felt that none of the three candidates fully met our requirements, so the decision was made to re-advertise the position.

We are now working on an appointment timetable that will conclude during the last week of term three, and if a suitable applicant is appointed, the new Rector will commence at the beginning of 2020.

While it was disappointing not to have been in a position to make an appointment for the Rector after significant time input from the members of our Board of Trustees, the senior staff, students, admin team and parents, we believe we have made the right decision for the school.

Meanwhile, we are fortunate to have very capable and professional leadership in place, with Mr Ross Stevenson and Mr Rod Sparrow now remaining as Co-Rectors until the end of 2019. Mr Steve Blair has taken on the responsibilities of Deputy Rector until the end of 2019.