Successful Pest Tail Competition

By TBHS | Posted: Tuesday August 13, 2019

The TBHS 2019 Pest Tail Competition was held from 5 June to 26 July and overseen by the school's Environmental Group.

This annual event is slowly but surely gaining in popularity with our students.

This year our top three entrants handed in a total of 317 tails, collected from rabbits, deer, possums, stoats and rats - with a few of unidentified origin!

The whole competition might seem useless at first: what’s the point in collecting tails? However the purpose of the event is to encourage guys to get out and help with conservation; the more pests we eradicate, the better it is in assisting our native species thrive. In the big picture, we’re basically just helping out NZ to become predator free in the future.

The competition was held over a month and was sponsored by Hunting and Fishing, Timaru. 

The event was advertised on the school Facebook page and newsletter, along with posters spread around the school.

We look forward to ongoing support of this event from our student community.