Rector's message - May 2018

By Nick McIvor | Posted: Thursday May 31, 2018

Sometimes things are overcomplicated in Education. Important priorities or concepts can get buried beneath Education jargon or junk. At TBHS we try to keep it straightforward but effective. We are, put simply, here to help each boy to know more, do more, and be more. Were here to challenge and support so boys learn, grow, and flourish. We do our bit so they can do theirs well.

Secondary Education is awash with dozens of acronyms coming out of Wellington that create an alphabet soup of initiatives lacking both flavour and fervour. Schools are complex places but this doesn’t mean we have to over-complicate their Education when doing our best for young people. There is strength in simplicity, and confidence in the clear and concise.

This new term, like all new terms, brings opportunities for the boys to ‘right some wrongs’, and to find and enjoy new learning, personal growth and excellence. Every day is, as they say, a new day. And each new day brings six new lessons. And each new lesson offers a new moment to expand what is already known or done, and sometimes, when the time is right, to forge new character. If things go well our boys become increasingly able and aspirational. If things go wrong, they can gain resilience and direction for next time, as failure is taken on board, and setbacks are converted into new action. We actually need boys to experience smaller failures so they can reach their bigger successes.

Term Two has plenty of scope for knowing, doing and being more when effort is put where it’s needed. In the past three weeks, first forays into exam readiness started to replace NCEA coursework development for a while. Juniors have widened their Curriculum coverage and assessment. The Conferencing on the 4th of May was a chance to discuss positive achievement to date and then reset to go again. The school has run its Cross Country with top accolades earned by George Guerin (Seniors), Campbell Plows (Intermediate), Ryan Bagrie (Juniors) and Saxon McNoe (Minors) - each winning their respective races. The winter exchange with our ‘big brothers’ up the road has also run its course; across the codes our results at Christchurch Boys’ showed determined effort. The exciting Thomas House redevelopment has broken new ground with demolition and site access completed for the contractors to start building our new accommodation. The project is scheduled for completion in late November.

The school has enjoyed added entertainment and enrichment in the last three weeks: workshopping with visiting poet, Apirana Taylor on the 7th of May; and viewing outside Drama performances – including New Zealand Playhouse’s ‘Shakespeare:  As You Write It’. The boys have been showcasing excellence too while preparing for the 48 Hour Film Competition, and June Rockquest (with Rory MacLeod a solo entry alongside two Year 10/11 combined bands).

There are other great new opportunities for the boys to learn, grow and flourish in and out of the classroom. Join us to encourage a strong uptake of what’s to come.

Nick McIvor
Knowledge is Power. Scientia Potestas Est. Mā te Mātauranga te Mana.