Rector's message - December 2017

By Nick McIvor | Posted: Monday December 11, 2017

We wish every success to all our young men completing their Timaru Boys’ career in 2017. Take the best of TBHS with you into the world beyond the gate. Be prepared to find your own way ahead.

Turn chance into good fortune[1] and find good friends and acquaintances. It’s our hope as teachers and supporters that you not only leave with knowledge, skills and qualifications that open the right doors for you from here, but have the qualities of good men. Growing the ‘heart and head’ has always been our focus these past 5 years from an all-round education; value each dearly. We also urge you to keep looking for new learning and new achievement wherever it is waiting, and to take others with you down each new path.

To all who are returning in 2018, stay on track to progress with renewed commitment and participation, and remembering that personal excellence comes in many forms. It’s been a pleasure to see so many of you striving to see things through well, and the prospect of your embracing new opportunities in 2018 is exciting. Summer will provide some time to relax and to try something new; enjoy it.

Moving to new callings from our staff in 2018 is Ella Wright, recently appointed Head of English at Craighead Diocesan School. Ella has been prominent in English teaching and learning since 2012. She led English successfully as Acting Head of Department in 2016. Ella’s work in Deaning, Rowing, and our POWER values and PB4L system, has been highly influential and respected. Karen Staples who was to leave English now returns and we’re delighted. Thanks goes to Cat Hansen who left Hospitality after two years part–time teaching; now travelling back down Wellington Street to work with her husband and former colleagues. Jason Williamson leaves Physical Education and teaching to return to the private sector after two constructive terms. We also bid farewell to Cia Winter who has taught Digital Technology with dedication during Debbie Newman’s maternity leave. Cia will now teach in the MacKenzie District.

Looking further to 2018, some of the pleasing developments to come in the school will be classroom refurbishment, expansion of teaching techniques (based on a model called SOLO) and initiation of wider BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) learning enhancement – with a special focus on Year 9. A letter and email will come out soon regarding BYOD - including how we envisage bringing increased learning device access to more boys from Term 1. These, and other developments in the school, have huge potential for the boys. 2018 promises to be a year when conditions for learning and the learning process itself rise.

Have a wonderful Christmas and New Year with family and friends. For those leaving, TBHS will always be your school. Be sure to come back to tell us how it has all gone for you.

Nick McIvor
Scientia Potestas Est
Mā te Mātauranga te Mana

[1] Fuller Thomas in