2021 SISS Swimming Championships

By TBHS | Posted: Friday July 2, 2021

This event was held in Timaru on 19-20 June with the TBHS team consisting of Dominic Coleman (Captain), Thomas Kyle, Jack Boorer-Lilley, Harry Sargent, Luke Tompkins, Alex Tudgey and Lochlan Crawford.

It was a very successful meet with Timaru Boys’ awarded top boys’ school, which was an impressive achievement considering that we had three boys who did not compete in all sessions due to other commitments and injury.

The boys 15 and under relay team of Thomas, Jack, Alex and Harry swam extremely well to win the Freestyle relay, and gain a second place in the Medley relay.

Individual results are as follows:

Thomas Kyle had an outstanding meet. He gained three first place finishes, in the 100 Individual Medley, the 100 Breaststroke and the 50 Breaststroke. He then gained two second place finishes, in the 100 Freestyle and the 50 Freestyle. 

In addition Thomas placed second in the 15 and under SKINS event. The top ten swimmers were chosen from the Medley races.The swimmers then have to swim 50 meters in a stroke chosen at random. The slowest two swimmers are then removed. Another stroke is chosen at random, and another two swimmers removed. This continues until the final two swimmers compete for first placing. Races take place one after the other so there is very little rest. Obviously swimmers have to be able to swim the full range of strokes.

Thomas was also second in the 15 and under 200 Freestyle elimination race. The top ten fastest swimmers from the 100 Freestyle are chosen to race. At the end of each 50 meters the two slowest swimmers are taken out, without pausing the race. Again it came down to the two last swimmers, who swam the last 50 by themselves to see who wins overall.

Alex Tudgey swam well. He gained one first placing in the 50 Backstroke, two second placings in the 100 Freestyle and the 50 Freestyle, a third placing in the 100 Individual Medley and a fourth in the 50 Butterfly. Alex also qualified for the 15 and under SKINS race where he finished fourth. Alex swam three personal bests during the meet.

Dominic Coleman also did well. He gained a first placing in the 50 Butterfly, two second placings in the 100 Breaststroke and 50 Breaststroke, a fifth in the 100 Butterfly and a 6th in the 100 Individual Medley. Dom also swam four personal bests in his races. He qualified for the 16 and over SKINS event.

Harry Sargent gained one second placing in the 100 Backstroke in a personal best time. He also gained two fifth placings, in the 100 Freestyle and the 50 Breaststroke, and one seventh placing in the 50 Freestyle.

Lochlan Crawford gained a third placing in the 100 Butterfly taking 4.75 seconds off his previous personal best. Lochlan also took two sixth placings in the 50 Breaststroke and 50 Butterfly, a ninth in the 100 Breaststroke and an eleventh in the 100 Individual Medley. Lochlan swam personal bests in all of his five races.

Luke Tompkins had his meet interrupted when he ended up with his hand in a cast after he departed swimming to play rugby before his return to swimming. This was unfortunate for Luke, but he did manage to swim two races before his injury. He gained a third place in the 50 Backstroke and a fifth placing in the 100 Individual Medley. We all wish Luke a speedy recovery in the hope that he can compete in New Zealand Secondary Schools.

Jack Boorer-Lilley swam one individual event finishing sixth in the 50 Butterfly.

Congratulations to the team, and a big thank you to Heather Tudgey and Frances Coleman for their assistance over the weekend.